10 Reasons to visit Al Qudra Lakes

For some reason Al Qudra Lakes is often one of those overlooked places. Maybe it's a distance from the city or lack of urban attractions, but we can't even emphasize strongly enough to put this one on your UAE bucket list.

Whether you're a tourist or a resident, trust us on this one, escape the city's rush - especially now, when the weather couldn't be any better. Before your trip remember the roads around the lake are unpaved, so you should prepare properly. Always bring water with you, and consider these items: flashlight, first aid kit, garbage bags, towing rope, jack, flag, hook and gangways.

Here are 10 reasons why it's worth your attention:

1. Wildlife

The artificial lakes are a natural haven for migrating birds. You can meet here, among others, swans, geese, ducks, flamingos and steppe eagles. Arabian oryxes, Arab gazelles, desert foxes and even wild cats also often walk along the desert paths. There are around ten observations decks where you can admire the view from the higher perspective.

2. Lakes in the middle of the desert

Yeap. As we've mentioned above there are a bunch of a manmade lakes, a perfect oasis not only for the animals but for us, humans, as well. Note that swimming is not allowed.

3. Camping

Bring your family and friends and spend some quality time in nature. There is no better place to spend a day outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Al Qudra Lakes is also the most popular camping site, therefore grab your tent and camp the night away. Although, make sure you bring a barbecue set with you, as campfires are not allowed.

4. Cycling tracks

And they're not short ones! The most popular trail is 50 km long (with the longest running up to 86 km) and it takes around three hours to finish the loop (at least that's how long it took us on our mountain bikes). If you don't have your own wheels you can hire a bike from the Trek Bicycle Store at Seih Al Salam, near the Al QUdra Course (daily from 6am to 10pm; try to make a booking 72 hours before).

5. Last Exit

Our favorite food trucks with a nice selection of beverages and quick bites before you head up towards the desert. We wrote a bit more about the food trucks here. Next to the Last Exit you can find a mosque, restaurant, petrol station, bicycle rental, as well as a shop where you can stock up on the necessary products, like barbecue sets, water or food.

6. Love Lake

The newest attraction - two lakes in the shape of two interwined hearts and fauna that spells out the word "Love". Now, is there a better place to take your love ones? And yes, it was voted as one of the most romantic spots in Dubai.

7. Yoga Centre

Another amazing reasons to leave the city behind. A relaxing yoga retreat in a desert setting, is exactly what we all need. Find your inner peace with a morning or evening workshops. Check with Inspire Me Yoga when it's the next scheduled session.

8. Stargazing

Join Dubai Astronomy Group for a night out under the stars. Sessions are held in protected, light-free areas where camp is set up. With the help of telescopes and colorful stories from guides, these astro-tours not only present the world invisible to the naked eye or introduce you to the secrets of celestial bodies, but also show the importance of astronomy in the Arab world.

9. Horse Riding

The nearest Al Jiyad Stable is home to over 120 Arabian and part Arab horses. They offer desert hacks & training for riders of all levels. Located in the beautiful desert, they operate in the Al Marmum conservation area, giving a chance to see the UAE’s native wildlife and nature.

10. Open Air Theatre

Check for the latest news, as there are plans to open an outdoor theatre that will seat 350 people and stage a variety of cultural performances, however, in a meantime the movies nights are a part of the Al Marmoom: Film in the Desert Festival.


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