Birth of the City at Shindagha Museum

At the heart of Shindagha historic district, a place where the ruling sheikhs and the city elite lived until the 1950s, lies newly established Shindagha Museum.

The historic values of the Shindagha district were noticed in the 1990s, which caused intensive renovation of old buildings and residences in the area. While some homes have been already reconstructed and recast as museums, a part of Shindagha is still fenced off. Regardless of the small constructions, this place is definitely worth your attention - especially if you would like to understand what the whole city is all about.

Besides, the neighborhood is a perfect place to enjoy a lazy walk or a romantic dinner by the water.

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There are a few museum already opened, but if digging into history is not really your thing, then focus on Shindagha Museum. This ready-to-visit museum is divided into two houses- Dubai Creek: Birth of the City and Perfume House.

Dubai Creek: Birth of the City should be on the list of anyone who is slightly interested in the history of the city. Visitors can experience the history of the city, its transformation from a small settlement into a regional culture and traditional centre. The museum using a rich collection of films, photographs, artifacts and interactive shows, tells the story of a human innovation. resilience, and the desire for progress which shaped the Dubai we all look at now.

An amazing addition to the tour (or even an introduction to your old Dubai’s sightseeing tour!) is an interactive movie, which in a unique way tells the story of the creation of the city - from settling to the discovery of oil. Check with the staff what time is the nearest screening.

Whereas Perfume House is a wonderful, aromatic journey showcasing an ancient, traditional techniques for making scented oils and perfumes that date back centuries. You can smell and discover unusual ingredients such as saffron, musk, dihn al our, rose and many others. And most important, learn the important role scents play in Emirati culture, their connection to the past and role in religious and everyday life.

Website: Al Shindagha Museum 


Adults (24 years and above) 15 AED

Students (5 to 24 years) 5 AED

Groups  & Families (5 persons and above) 10 AED

Free entry for children below 5, People of Determination, and Thukher Card holders

Your ticket allows you access to Dubai Creek: Birth of a city and Perfume House

Opening hours:

Daily: 10.00 - 18.00

Friday: 14.30 - 21.00

Tuesday: Closed



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