Bull Butting in Fujairah

Every Friday in Fujairah the ancient sport of bull-butting takes place in a dusty dirt patch south of the town centre.

Introduced centuries ago by the Portugue, today's contests see Brahman bulls brought here from all over the UAE to lock horns and test their strenght against each other. No harm comes to the animals, which are much prized by their owners. Unlike Spanish and Portugues tradition, here the competition is bloodless, and it's all about the animal's strength and the owner's prestige and honour. There are no matadors and trophies.

The bull that manages to push the other out of a circle is declared a winner, which usually takes only a couple of minutes.

In the past the fighting took place in an open field, but since angry bulls would occasionally charge spectators, a wire fence was built to protect them. However, that doesn't stop the crowd to sit inside the field.

Location: Fujairah, in between the Al Corniche and Al Muhait Street

Time: 4 p.m., closed during summer

When: Every Friday, unless the country is in mourning.



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