Camping in Hatta

Tired of big city lights? We have some good news. United Arab Emirates is an excellent place to take in the great outdoors.

You might be surprised if you haven’t been here yet, but the country offers quite diverse landscapes and an infinite amount of outdoor activities to keep you happy and busy while you sleep under the stars. Here, UAE Inside Out prepared some guidelines for your best camping experience in Hatta.

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Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, Hatta - Dubai’s enclave - within the last few years became a major UAE’s outdoor adventure destination. There are plenty of activities to chose from, as Hatta offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, off-roading, kayaking and it also has a Hatta Wadi Hub, an activity centre with luxury glamping resorts (open during winter season only). If the outdoor sports do not excite you, visit Heritage Village, one of the oldest in the emirate or go on a small culinary tour to one of a few local restaurants. Also, remember that camping is super healthy and it's definitely worth to spend some time outdoors enjoying the nature.


Due to its location Hatta experiences high temperatures during the summer season (May - September). Days are hot and humid but nights can be quite pleasant. However, if you ask us, we would suggest to wait till the cooler days. The best time is from October till March, with January and February having a bit cold(er) nights.


When it comes to choosing a proper location, it’s quite easy. If there is no sign that camping is prohibited, you don’t enter any private premises, cross the fence, etc., you can freely pitch your tent. Camping in the UAE is extremely popular, it's almost like a national sport, therefore you should really not worry, however in case someone approach you and ask to leave, you should respect the request and do so. Here are some sleeping tips for campers.

Hiking and biking trails in Hatta

Click on the photo to check the new trails in Hatta.

Since Hajar Mountains is a rocky terrain, it’s usually preferred by experienced campers. If you're still willing to give it a try make sure you carry your hiking and trekking gear, because you would need to trek before you find the perfect spot.

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But… there is also an easier option:

Hatta Wadi Hub offers camping spots for your comfort and peace of mind. There is 24 hrs security, BBQ area, free parking, food trucks, washrooms and shower facilities, wi-fi and many other attractions just a short walk away.

Visit Hatta website ( to see more options for your perfect stay in the mountains.

It doesn't really matter where you go, the most important part is to Get The Best Out of Camping Trip. Just be there and enjoy!


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