Fish Market in Ajman

Whether you’re planning to buy a fresh catch of a day or simply wandering around, Ajman’s Fish Market is definitely a place to be.

Fishing has always played a significant role in the Emirati culture. Long before Burj Khalifa, the Emirati ancestors, with little water for agriculture, depended on fishing for survival. Nowadays, with the growing population in the UAE, the demand for seafood has risen and the massive fishing industry investments have been made. Thankfully, all the improvements didn’t collide with the deeply rooted tradition, and fishing is still a popular sport and pastime amongst UAE residents.

That’s why a visit to the bustling fish market is the best way to get a glimpse of everyday life. There are many fish markets in the United Arab Emirates, each city has at least one but it seems Ajman has this unique vibe of authenticity.

Especially if you’re coming from Dubai.

Maybe it is only an hour drive from living futuristic cityscapes, but that one hour separates you from the entirely different world.

It’s here where the smell of fish thickens the air, the sounds of loud chatter jams the traffic noise, residents mingling with fishmongers... the crowd and alleys - the whole atmosphere makes it in every bit a typical marketplace. This bustling surrounding is best experienced either early in the morning (around 7 am), when fishermen docked from the sea, or in the evening (6 pm), when the evening auction makes it fully alive.

It’s tremendously atmospheric and many come just to sample this tasty insight of the simplicity of life. Something that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

On top of that fish is fresh, the prices are reasonable and there is always a great variety of seafood. What’s more to ask for?

What to buy:

You can find here anything the sea has in offer (locally or from nearby regions, such as Oman and India): hammour and kingfish, shari (pink ear emperor), faskar (two-bar seabream), jesh (yellow bar angelfish), and a huge array of seafood.

Friendly haggling with the fishmongers is expected.

Good to know:

You can get your fish filleted, spiced and grilled on the spot at one of the simple stalls.


Fish market is open daily from 7.00 to 1.30 pm and 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm with an auction each morning after the prayer and evening from around 6.00 pm.


Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, Musherif Commercial.

Parking can be tricky, so get there early or just park elsewhere and follow the crowd (and your nose) down to the creek side.


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