How to Get the Best Out of Camping Trip

Alright. You've got everything, you're ready to go, but just don't really know how and what to do when you're out there?

Here is a simple guideline that can help you get on the right track.

Before you go, you'll need

There is a little bit of upfront cost to camping, you will need some basic things. You can go budget, buy equipment and spend minimum in Carrefour or, that will do well for a few trips, or spend more and buy quality stuff that will last for good. You can find our checklist here: What to pack for camping?

Remember, what you bring with you should be based on an available room you have in your car or/and backpack, and for how long you'll be gone.

Unplug yourself

That's a tough one, we know it, but switching off your phone (or at least the cellular mode) can actually help you to enjoy this 'me time' you eagerly tried to have for the last months... or was it years?

A day or two without constant notifications, checking something incredibly important on Google, scrolling down Facebook pages, reading Al Jazeera news or posting on Intagram won't end up the world AND, most importantly, will have a significant impact on your well-being.*

Additionally, instead of chatting you can actually TALK to people. Maybe technology makes communicating with others easier, but we're sure you can agree - it's uncomparable with a vis-à-vis conversation.

As we've already mentioned in details in 'Why Camping is Healthy' post, unplugging yourself has also a great impact on your sleep patterns. The thing is, technology makes life easier but not necessarily essentially better. Switching off your mobile phone will allow you to switch off yourself and enjoy the nature. There is so much about the surrounding world to learn and experience, that cannot be replaced, or saved on a digital memory. Get in touch with what's around you, find some solitude and time to breath. This helps us put everything else back into perspective. Being outside, disconnected will help you heighten your senses, and it only brings more rewards. Food tastes better, air smells cleaner and you laugh louder.

If you can not do the full day, start with a few hours. Take a hike, go for a jog, swim in a wadi or simply gaze up at the sky in Al Qudra. Take small steps untill you realize... you're not loosing much. World is not falling apart, friends are still there and nothing has changed. How's that?

And now, take a break. There's more to life than being online.

* Research suggests that too much of technology may lead to the increased feeling of anxiety, restlessness and poor sleep.



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