Last Exit. The best outdoor food trucks

Whether you're just passing by and feeling like a drive-through or you wish to combine a short ride with a nice food in a chilled, fun and convenient atmosphere, then Last Exit is your new favorite place.

There are already four Last Exits at the moment. Two at E11 Sheikh Zayed Road - first towards Dubai and second towards Abu Dhabi, there is one close to the Al Qudra Lakes at D63 Al Qudra Road and one at D89.


E11 Last Exit is located with the convenient access from Sheikh Zayed Road, just after interchange 11, direction Dubai.

Mad X could be your last fancy stop while going to Abu Dhabi, very convenient access from E11.

Last Exit in Al Qudra is at the end of Al Qudra Road, where all the cycling fun has its place. In the neighborhood you can find Trek Bicycle Store, Spicy Village restaurant, mosque, store with an outdoor and equestrian equipment and toilets.

Last Exit D89 is just off Al Khawaneej Street at the roundabout where D89 and D54 meet. It is another great spot in the city, located just in between Mushrif Park and Al Khawaneej Walking and Cycling Path.

Our favorite bites in Al Qudra? Paratha wraps by Jaldi Jaldi food truck. Yummy!

Oh, and there is one more thing. It's open 24/7.


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