Masdar City. Where the future begins

Located just a few kilometers away from the airport, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s flagship green project, is planned to eventually become one of the world’s most sustainable cities, fully powered by renewable energy.


Masdar, founded in 2008, was a pioneering vision of the city of the future. Thanks to its low carbon emissions, entirely car-free areas and renewable energy resources the city was intended to become the most ecological city in the world. The project combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology to use renewable energy resources. It was built around a huge Teflon-coated wind tower, inspired by traditional Arabic barjeels, that cools down the streets and alleys. Building are constructed with low-carbon cement and 90 percent recycled aluminium, in addtion to other locally-sourced and verified materials.

Currently there are more than a thousand people living and working at Masdar City, which sprawls around the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology - a research university to developing a ‘greenprint’ for how cities can accommodate rapid urbanization and dramatically reduce energy, water and waste. 

One of the attractions in the city is a ride in the Personal Rapid Transport pods - small unmanned electric cars.

At the moment nearly 30% of the planned development has already been committed to private homes, schools, hotels and office spaces. Next 35% will be completed within the next five years, however, the core of Masdar City is ready and everyone is welcome to visit.

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A visit at Masdar City can be easily combined with different attractions in Abu Dhabi, as it only takes approximetely 60-90 minutes. It is open to the general public everyday.


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