Music: Hussain Al Jassmi

Music, as well as food, takes you one step closer towards the understanding of a local culture. The first artist you need to know when visting the UAE, is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful Arabic singer in the pan-Arab arena - Hussain Al Jassmi.

Hussain Al Jassmi, the Emirati singer, who is hailed as a UAE national treasure, has been described as both innovative fusion artist, as well as a traditional Khaleeji pop singer.

He started his fame in 1996. After releasing first single Bawada'ak followed by Wallah Mayiswa and Bassbour Al Fourgakom he became an internationally recognized, regularly awarded artist. In 2008 Al Jassmi became also the Best Arabic Male Singer (Murex d’Or Award).

One of his well known performances include the concert in the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert. He was the first Arab to do perform on that stage.

His songs not only reflect Emirati culture, but also send a message to the whole Arabic world. The lyrics are often patriotic, rich in its wording and full of wisdom. One of his song, Boshret Kheir (A Good Omen), sung in the Egyptian dialect, encouraged Egyptians to vote and it was watched on YouTube over 410 mln times.

He has been recently announced as an EXPO 2020 ambassador, so there is a huge chance you won’t miss his performance if you’re planning to be there!

Jassmi has achieved over one billion and seven hundreds views on YouTube.



Matkhafosh Ala Masr ماتخافوش على مصر

Boshret Kheir بشرة خير

We Tebga Le وتبقى لي

Abasherek ابشرك

Morni مرني

Faqadtak And Wallah Ma Yeswa فقدتك & والله ما يسوى

Raak Allah رعاك الله

Meta Meta متى متى

Al Sirat Al Mostaqeem الصراط المستقيم

Seta El Sobah ستة الصبح

Ama Barawa أما براوه

Al Jabal الجبل

Ma Nesena ما نسينا

Yalghalia يالغالية

Habebi Barchaloni حبيبي برشلوني

Right Where I'm Supposed to Be (Official Song of the Special Olympic World Games Abu Dhabi 2019) (Ryan Tedder with Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi, Hussain Al Jassmi, Assala Nasri and Tamer Hosny)

National Songs

Mabrook Eidek Yal Emarat مبروك عيدك يالإمارات

Salman Elshahamah سلمان الشهامة

Lohat Alazzi لوحة العازي

Ya Shabab Elwatn يا شباب الوطن

Watani وطني

Riyadh Alhob رياض الحب

Al Kuwaity Ma Ynsah الكويتي ما ينسى

Hathi Qatar هذي قطر

Hathi Masr هذه مصر

Agda Nas أجدع ناس

Koolna Iraq كلنا العراق

Reqab Elezz رقاب العز

Rasamnalak رسمنالك

Series Soundtracks

Mahadesh Mertah محدش مرتاح

Baad El Forak بعد الفراق


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