New Hiking Trails in Hatta

New hiking trails in Hatta, Dubai's inland, mountainous enclave, were opened in October, offering visitors new routes to truly experience the mountainous area.

Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, Hatta is located less than a two-hour drive from Dubai and recently it became a major UAE's outdoor adventure destination. Its beautiful natural scenery and definitely more peaceful pace of life than Dubai, made it a perfect spot for a weekend escape.

The best place to start exploring the neighborhood is Hatta Wadi Hub, an activity centre and luxury glamping resorts open during the cooler months only (October - end of April). In here, you can find basically everything that the outdoor adventure enthusiasts can look for: downhill carting, zorbing, wall climbing, archery, biking, kayaking, and hiking, of course. Dedicated camping areas with toilets, showers and BBQ facilities, are also available.

The new 32.6 km trails are the UAE's longest signposted hiking trails. The five different routes are colored Green, Blue, Red and Black (going from the easiest to the hardest) and start straight from the Hatta Wadi Hub. The routes lead through the winding wadis at the foothills of the mountains near the border with Oman. Thanks to the different grades of routes to accommodate every level and experience of hiker you can explore varied terrain, from sandy patches to sharp rocks.

For MBT lovers The Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre is already up and running, offering 50 km of single-track (also color graded) mountain bike trails.


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