Off-Road Equipment

Going on an off-road expedition? One lesson you need to learn before even leaving your house: never underestimate the remote areas or venture without some basic equipment on board your vehicle.

Minimum recovery / Safety Equipment:

Recovery Straps - flat with sewn loops and no hooks. Straps with hooks can be very dangerous, because of the metal hooks.

Shackles x 2 - soft or hard.

Large, lightweight shovel. A number one equipment for off-road enthusiasts. It will help you to extract your vehicle when you are stuck.

Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack.

It will allow you to lift your vehicle in deeper sand or lift from the car's wheel instead of a bumper or frame section.

- Wheel Removal Tools

- Tyre Pressure Gauge and Deflator

- Fire Extinguisher

- Work Gloves

This list is not comprehensive. The equipment's list should always be an indication of your own experience, self-confidence and resourcefulness to know what, and what not, to take, depending on the lenght, remoteness and severity of the route you decide to undertake.


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