Rain Room in Sharjah

What does it feel like to control the rain? Normally, it wouldn't be much of an attraction but since we live in the desert, rain is something we always look forward to see. But why wait till the winter season? This art installation called Rain Room at Sharjah Art Foundation allows visitors to experience a heavy downour (without getting wet*) whenever you want to.

Rain Room is a critically acclaimed art installation of the London-based collective Random International's work. Previously on view internationally at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (2015-2016); Barbican Centre in London (2012); The Museum of Modern Art in New York (2013), and YUZ Museum in Shanghai (2015/2018), Rain Room was the first of a series of permanent installations Sharjah Art Foundation has planned for sited across the Emirate in 2018.

Imagine that: You move through the downpour, yet remain dry.

This installation simulates the experience of continuous rainfall. It's an unforgettable feeling to walk through the monsoon like rainfall that reacts to your presence, so you actually do not get wet! Why? Because your movement triggers motion sensors that pause the rainfall when your presence is detected. Therefore, the visitors are both exposed to and protected from the rain.

The installation uses recycled water that is continuosly tested and carefully treated, as well as it is equipped with self-cleaning filters that requires a relatively small amount of water.

What does it feel like to control the rain?

First you will hear the sound of pouring water and feel moisture in the air. Then, once you enter the room, you will discover the thousands of falling droplets that will respond to your movement by using cutting edge technology. Take a step forward. Get inside this puring space and explore the role science, technology and human ingenuity play in our environment.

Rain Room is at once an intense elemental experience and an unexpected place for contemplation. You know, one of those places, you leave with a smile on your face and a feeling it was definitely worth seeing.

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Friday: 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Adults: 25 AED

Students: 15 AED (up to 22 years - ID required)

Children: Free admission (up to 5 years)

People with Disabilities and one companion: Free admission

Get your Rain Room tickets HERE or purchase directly at the venue.


Rain Room is permanently sited in Sharjah's Al Majarrah Park.

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*unless you move too fast :).


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