Sleeping Tips for Campers

They say sleeping under the stars is a good night sleep, but how can it be good if you sleep on the ground in a cold, humid or hot environment?

Here is a handful of tips that will help you to enjoy your night out:

Find a smooth, flat surface to set up your campsite. Remember that every little bump, rock or stick you might ignore during a daylight may become your worst nightmare a few hours later. Moreover make sure you are not setting your tent on a slant, otherwise you will keep on gliding throughout the night. Heavy rains or floods are not common in the UAE but make sure to keep that in mind during the winter season. Avoid pitching your tent on the terrain where flooding may occur.

Put a blanket or a mat underneath your sleeping bag. This will make your 'bed' more comfortable and will provide an extra layer of protection from the cold ground.

Don't wear too many layers. When dealing with lower temperatures we tend to overdress, but having to many layers inside the sleeping bag can trap the body's heat inside.


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