The Most Thrilling Activities in Dubai

Attention all adrenaline seekers: this post is for you. How about we guide you to the most thrilling activities in Dubai? From nail-biting adventures to death-defying heights, these adrenaline activities will definitely get your heart pumping. Now, are you ready for some action?

If you are planning on visiting Dubai soon, bear in mind that there is loads more to see beyond the glitter of Burj Khalifa and Downtown. Also, you don’t have to leave the city to go on an adventure (although you can and you should because there are many other attractions to experience outside Dubai!). Did you know you can hydrofly here? Or drive the F1 Jaguar 2000? How about skydiving above the Palm Jumeirah?

We’ve picked out Dubai’s most adventurous activities to help you feel fully invigorated, satisfied and of course, ready for more! Bring out your inner daredevil with a once in a lifetime experience and create memories you’ll cherish forever. You might even fall in love with a new hobby and be ready to book your next visit.

Here is a list of proper adrenaline-rush attractions that will make your heart racing:

F1 Experience at Dubai Autodrome

Any fans of F1, Need For Speed or Fast and Furious? Because here is your Chance to drive either the F1 Jaguar 2000 or F1 Arrows 2002 (McLaren, Ferrari and other cars are also available). Fulfill your lifelong dream of the F1 Experience from the driver’s seat of a finely engineered racing car – previously driven by famous Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Eddie Irvine.

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Photo credit: Dubai Autodrome


Skydiving is the go-to adrenaline rush for thrill seekers looking for that ultimate heart-pounding and hair-raising experience. We all say we want to do it once in a lifetime, but are you ready to go forth and experience it? If you’re ready to skydive, why not start with the world’s (probably) most famous jump?

With Skydive Dubai you can experience a freefall from 3,000 ft and enjoy the stunning view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island.

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Photo credit: Skydive Dubai

Paintball Games

Now, that’s something special for the real game players. Pursuit Games specializes with unique outdoor paintball game scenarios. Ranging from total elimination to „Rambo” game scenarios, these games are surely a hit. You can also practice your C.I.A. skills in President game, where you have to escort an unarmed team player to the other side unscathed. How about that?

Pursuit Games offers three different experiences: IBATLLE, Paintball and XBATTLE, where the former is for the real adrenaline junkies and jar heads, as it is the closest you can get to real battle without actually going to war.

Play like your favorite shooter and feel the heat!

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If you tired of normal water sports you must try flyboarding! This new watersport was first invented in France, but now has taken the world by storm and Dubai became an ultimate spot to try this exciting sport. The whole idea is to be shoot out of the water on jet packs, (kinda like a scene out of a futuristic movie), challenge gravity and fly like a superhero above the waters. Easy, right?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to try it for the first time or a pro who wants to enjoy freedom in the air – Dubai is the right place to do it.

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Photo credit: Hydro Watersports


Anyone for Motocross, Enduro and Dirtbike riding? MX-Academy offers different tracks for MX training in Dubai and everyone is invited. There is something for kids from 4 years, beginners and advanced riders to build up riding skills or bring them to perfection. You can choose between Motocross tracks, desert rides or dune bashing.

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Photo credit: MX-Academy


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