What to pack for camping?

Camping in the United Arab Emirates is becoming more and more popular and yes, it is a fantastic way to discover the country. There are many ways to spend a night, including sleeping in a car, tent or even RV.

Having that in mind here is our basic car camping checklist for those of you, who are going to stay outdoor for a bit longer than one night. Enjoy and stay safe!

Shelter & Sleeping

- Tent, unless you sleep in a car

- Folding chairs, if you prefer not to sit on the ground

- Sleeping bags for winter, as it gets cold in the desert and even colder in the mountains

- Blankets for summer time

- Sleeping pads or mats


- Lightwear clothes

- Hiking boots for the mountainous terrain

- Sunglasses

- Hat

- Swimsuits (there might be wadis on a way!)

First aid & Safety

- First aid kit

- Sunblock

- Ibuprofen

- Whistle

- Cell phone (obviously!) and solar charger

- Duct tape

- Multipurpose knife/tool

- Flashlight with extra batteries

- Waterproof matches

- Allergy medication

- Emergency contact numbers

- GPS tracker, you will need it in a desert

Cooking & Food

- Drinking water (a lot!)

- Wood (you can easily buy in most of the petrol stations, private sellers near the popular camping spots or local shops)

- Fire starter

- Cooler with ice packs

- Empty plastic bags to collect all your garbage

- Pots, pans and all necessary utensils for cooking

- Paper towels

- Aluminium foil

- Food and recipes

Personal items

- Towels

- Toiletries (biodegradable soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste)

- Toilet paper

- Wet wipes

- Hand sanitizer

- Reuseable water bottle

- Digital camera with extra batteries

- Car charger

This list is not comprehensive. Remember that your camping list should reflect your own personal interests, preferences and comfort.


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